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2019 Jamboree Raffle Scooter Contest

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Alright teaser images are out and about all over the interwebs so let's lift the veil on this mystery. 

I can tell you it's in my garage, it's stock and it runs.  

First person to guess the model wins a free short sleeve t-shirt from the club store. You can't win by just saying Series 2 LI, you will need to be specific as an LI125 is considered a different model from an LI150 even if they share the same family model prefix. So saying Series 3 TV isn't going to cut the mustard.

You must be a member of the LCUSA in good standing to win.

One entry per person so make it count!


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8 hours ago, Mike Anhalt said:

Dl125 not the dl150  even in b&w it doesn’t look red to me


Basically I’m with Benji on this one. The glove box, no battery tray, exhaust, motor mount, black grip and runner give it away.

Ding ding ding ding! You sir are the winner! Pick a t shirt out from the club store and everyone else grab a hold of your seats because this year's raffle scooter is a genuine DL125!

Benji was close with an early 150. It's an early 125 and features the cast aluminum rear grill in color matched paint. Missing a few bits that we are getting but I cleaned the tank and carb, installed a new fuel tap and it runs choice.

A real special machine that I'm sure any enthusiast would be head over heals to win:


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On 2/24/2019 at 2:38 PM, Lambrettayeroc said:

Mike and Benji.  I thought DL as well... for your reasons, and the black cables and floor runnders and panel rubber... BUT... note the case studs and nuts.  No bolts.  Anomaly?

Bolts were a super late italian/Indian feature from what I understand. I'm sure it's mentioned in Sticky's somewhere. 


Early dl is just like SX except better because it's dl :D


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