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Robert DeWitt

White used on 1957 LD 150

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I am a new member.  I just bought a 1957 Lambretta LD 150 that appears to be all there but is in need of a complete overhaul.  The scooter is still in South Carolina where it's been since new though it was last registered in 1965.  My son who lives in the area will ship it to me in Maine.  I bought the scooter because it is identical to one that was owned by a classmate when I was in high school back in the late fifties.  I wanted one then so badly I couldn't sleep.  So this is all about nostalgia.  The scooter from my high school days was all white or off white.  Is there a way to determine the color Lambretta would have used when the scooter was manufactured? My intention is to paint this scooter with that white rather than its current blue.  Thanks! 












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Congrats that is quite a project.  

I have the formulas for the codes of colors for Ld.  Also, I rebuild these engines.

side panel accent color (headset top and horncast ) England blue #8031 or sky blue.  Main color ottanio grey or earth grey #8041 




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Since u are new to the Scooter market here are good places to get parts from Scooters Originali, Jet200 performance, and Scooter-speed all have Ld parts available.  


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