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Stu aka S.Hanson #17

Ser.3 LI handlebar switch

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I have a casa lambretta ser.3 LI handlebar switch. The wire colors are red, blue,  yellow, green, black, grey, brown, long brown and long white. My question is what is the grey for? Not the long white. The grey wire. I have the grey plugged in the brown. The picture was taken from the scooter speed website.  

My problem is everything in the headset works as it should. There is power to the back of the bike to tail and brake light. Checked with multimeter. But neither tail or brake light works. Maybe a ground issue? 


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Try making the light work with a battery charger. This way you eliminate the bike completely. Sounds like a bad ground solder point on the board.


If that doesn't work send the light back, go to your nearest auto parts store and buy a LED 1157 two pack for about $20. Amazon has them also.


I hate to take money away from a shop but the whole LED tail light board was a bad idea 15 years ago and it hasn't gotten any better.




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Thanks for the help! Got it. I had the tail light ground attached to the bolt that attaches the tail light housing to the frame. I moved the ground and it works great.  They no longer sell the led tail light boards. I'll try the bulbs in the future 

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