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BGM electronic ignition - cuts out when warm?

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Riding yesterday.  After about 5 miles it started to cut out for a second or two at a time.  jerks a bit when it cuts out.  Feels like loses spark.   

Less than 200 miles on this scooter since put a BGM AC electronic ignition on it 3-4 years ago (BGM flywheel, stator, CDI, regulator…)  We did a complete tear down and conserved resto including an engine rebuild seals and bearings.  Added a BGM big box exhaust but everything else is stock including the top end and carb SH1/20.

I just put a new plug in it and that didn’t fix it.  Still cuts out and jerks after about 5 miles…  Happens every minute or so and even stalled out at a light.   I’m thinking electrical, not fuel, because it happens only after it warms up.

Should I replace the CDI next ?  then the regulator, then the stator?   (less expensive parts first)

This is a 3-4 year old BGM electronic ignition set-up.  I think it is a 4.0 but maybe it is a 3.0 if there was one.

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