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Just picked up a couple of new scoots

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I just picked up two new Lambrettas yesterday.  One is an all original 1953 Lambretta Model E, and the other a series 1 - 1958 Lambretta Tv175.  The headset was off the Tv, but there, and it is missing the headlight and muffler.  All the other parts are there in boxes.  The E is only missing the pull starter, but they seem to be available in Europe.  It must have lost spark, and they took it off to mess with the points.










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I checked out the scooters a little more this evening.  The old guy I got them from was wrong, it is not a Model E, it is actually a 1954 Model F.  So the kickstart assembly is missing from the front of the engine.  Looked online a little tonight, and this looks like that is going to be more difficult to find than the pull starter.

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