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Posting to share a great experience we had on Sunday with some real Lambretta heroes! The delightful Filippo and Francesca have traveled across the glob racking up over 40,000 km thus far... 5 continents and still going strong! Here are some links to their adventures:




After cutting up through middle America into Ontario and dropping back through Niagara Falls, Massachusetts and Connecticut, they made it through some hellish traffic to Brooklyn for some much needed service work. LCUSA and New York City Vintage Scooter Array members (Nicholas, Luca, James, Mike Lam, Benji, and Brendan) all kicked in to show support to the World Travelers! Benji (vegansydney) graciously offered his help to keep their impressive roller going strong. This bike is a completely stock 1969 SX150 (except for the electronic ignition and long range gas tank) and has been ridden 2 up with just the luggage loaded weighing about 300 kg - I'm told that's triple the weight of a factory dry Lambretta! 

Nicholas and Luca made it possible for us to communicate past language barriers so we could all help them prep the bike for shipping out of JFK the next morning. Scooter Bottega donated a brand new tire, tee shirts and stickers to the cause and they were gifted plenty of Lambretta Club USA souvenirs as well! Oh, and in anticipation of their arrival, there was an Italian American street parade that day too!

Gear oil change, front tire swap, replacement of a completely shot KS engine mount, and power wash - Check list done! They had an exhaust that didn't exactly make it through India unharmed - a bad kink in the stinger was "modified" with some strategically placed relief holes drilled... yikes!

These guys have been through some of the best and worst types of riding one can manage on our favorite machine - huge respect! Next stop after taking in the Big Apple for a few days is Morocco, can you imagine???!















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That is great!  Man I bet it's a one in a life time experience to do a trip like that!

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Well done Zachary  And all the Scooter Array who helped out. You are  true ambassador!!!

Sorry I missed that:(

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