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Crusty Seat Rubber Solutions?

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I have this seat cover that has really good OG vinyl and the foam isn't too bad either.  But the rubber is totally crusty/mummified.  I'm concerned that if I put this on my bike the rubber is just gonna crack into a million pieces and get into my air scoop etc.  Currently my best idea is to get a thin piece of rubber sheeting and use Shoe Goo to glue it onto the crusty seat rubber thereby kinda trapping it all in there.  Is this a dumb idea?  Can you think of a better idea? I should mention that this is a seat cover for an oddball TV2 Aguila seat frame and it is not currently being reproduced as far as I know, and my goal is to do this cheaply so getting a new custom cover is not an option.  I'm just looking for the best way to deal with the crust.  Thanks team!



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Not sure if there is a solution.  I took a beach seat off as I saw orange foam is under my seat. I imagine anyplace near the scoop will get sucked in. I am sure little by little it will get worse.



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