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33 minutes ago, siobhan ellis said:

nice! Eric always does great work. Is that a rear brake switch I saw there?

yes he does. I believe it was factory on this bike (US Spec).

This is an actual restoration. No tuning, electronic ignition or unnecessary accessories. The only mechanical change was a modern crank rod to get away from the small end bushing.

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I may be wrong, but that doesn't look like a period switch.

I had the same issue with regard to Australia.


In 1957 they didn't have have a brake light, but they do now. I had one made up using another Lambretta switch. I'm going to be assembling in the next year or so, so we'll see what happens :-o


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 I knew the tail light has 2 lamps in it so it must be a factory thing. As far as the switch its self goes I don't know if he replaced it or not. Looks like it matches the one in your photo so it's at least the correct one.

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1 hour ago, siobhan ellis said:

That rego plate looks a bit scruffy :-D

You are not wrong. It's the plate that came with the bike so I should use it. I have a tubular frame for it and that will at least hide the worst of it. 

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2 hours ago, k-dog said:

Mike - is working assembling  that LD much more of a challenge then the series scooters?

I've only torn them down and they have a ton of parts.

I suggest if you are going to restore one is to be super careful about the hardware, do one section at a time and take a stupid amount of notes/photos. There is so much of it and it can get overwhelming trying to sort it all out.

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1 hour ago, 2Tony said:

looks nice!

Where did the "made in Italy" sticker come from? I've been wanting a few (for Ser 3 - not sure if they are the same?)

I make them. There is only one style, they were on all the US market bikes until 65 I think. Selling them for a while but haven't gotten much call for them lately. Send me your address and $5 I'll dig some out for you.

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CA is its own world sometimes. To do a YOM here the state wants a photo copy of the plate with that year reg sticker on it

The plan is to get it all registered and legal and then see about having the plate remade. I think it's too far gone for a restore. The good news is the plate frame hides a lot of the rot and kind of add to the legitimacy of the build.



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When you take the plate to the DMV, do not let it out if your hands. I gave my plate to the teller because she had to take it to the back for someone to look at. She then cut it in half because my 66 was supposed to have a blue and yellow plate, she said. I freaked and then she said, sorry my mistake. Well, nkw it doesn't meet our integrity requirements... IH8DMV

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13 hours ago, Roger Hudnut said:

Nice job and you've got a cool looking shop!!

Thanks, it should be great when it’s done. 

Not my shop, mines a dingy little garage, what you’re seeing is 2nd Ave Scooters in Phoenix AZ

Look him up on FB, all sorts of good stuff. He’s one of the very best. 

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At the Quail Motorcycle Gathering taking the win for the scooter class. 

A huge thank you to 

Eric at 2nd Ave Scooters. He was the driving and unstoppable force in getting this done. 

Gene Meredith formally of scooters Originali  for the motor and parts

Barry Gwin and Siobhan for that last part to make it happen

and finally the Quail Motorcycle group for allowing scooters to complete on equal footing. 

I can’t say how many people of all ages came up to take photos with it and tell their story about how the Lambretta was their first bike. It was a lot!




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