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Li150 restoration near complete

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About a year ago I got a free li150. It had been in an accident then left to rot outside. Engine had filled with water.  I took it on as a challenge as I've never done an end to end build of a lambretta before. Here is before and after. Its a 175 now. Will try and start it for the first time this week  



li150 on table.jpg

rusted crank.jpg


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Its complete now!

If anyone wants the legshield graphic, it is attached below as a PDF. I originally made it in photoshop and the printer changed it into a vector format and gave it back to me as a PDF. Told me this can be given to printers in the future.  I print shop could change the number to match your year. Colours are correct to the Italian flag. To save on cost, its not necessary to print on clear vinyl (expensive).  Just ask them to custom cut it, which is to trim it around the artwork. Put it on using a wet method (watch on youtube). But google "vinyl decal wet method" and not just "wet method", especially if you are on a work computer.



(if for some reason the attached PDF cant be downloaded or is not showing up, just msg me and I will email it to you)




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