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Tv175 seat cover

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Hi all! I'm wondering if anyone can help me? I would like to buy a new seat cover for my TV and Im left a bit confused. The giuliari seat on this TV is different from my other and both scooters are original. This cover has a scallop cut at the bottom above the rear frame badge? Also the seat looks more black then blue? So my question is witch seat cover do I buy? The frames seem to look the same apart from one having a badge across the frame and the other is stamped on the hinge bracket. Sorry if this is super confusing. Thanks in advance.




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Interesting seat. It has the screw in rubber buffer as per the TV/2 and early TV/3 'Coke bottle' (sometimes called 'wide-back') seats, but not the central bar associated with these models---but the wavy spring normally found on later S3 Giuliari seats. Cross over model? Or someone has fitted an earlier screw-in rubber buffer to a later seat? Hard to tell without better photos.

A Giuliari TV/2 and TV/3 'Coke bottle' seat should be 600 x 240mm. These measurements are taken from original Giuliari literature and cross-checked against 3 TV 'Coke bottle' seats I own. Later Series 3 Giuliari seats have different measurements. For example, Giuliari model 1425 (Special) measures 640 x 240mm and model 1876 (various) measures 640 x 230mm.

RLC has some good comparison photos here and if you really want to go down a rabbit hole, this is interesting.

Good luck!

PS: nice TV/3.


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Hey thanks for the reply vegansydney! So I measured 590mm x 241mm? So now I'm very confused. Here's some better pictures. Thanks again.



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I took a look at my seat, prepping for restoration. Came off an early TV3. I cannot tell it it's a Giuliari wide-back, coke bottle or a Aquila. Both share similar details from the photos from the German forum. Thoughts:




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