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Andrew ITA

1968 LUI 50 CL

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Finally, this long term project is finished.

During my time off here in Italy I was able to complete my LUI. This is my very first Lambretta, it was in a really awful condition when I got it. I restored it when I was 14 and a little clueless...a friend of mine painted it back in the days ('90s) and didn't come out that well. On top if it, I made some mistakes myself, being young and inexperienced.

It always bothered me. This small LUI really deserved better.

Years went by, life happened and I left it behind, untouched, for almost 20 years.

Now with more expertise on my side I decided to go all out and get it as close as perfect as possible. I straightened the body, new paintjob, all rubbers, bolts, plastics,engine internals etc.  I wanted to get it exactly how it would have rolled out of the dealer's door.

I really went the extra mile on everything, but it was worth it. At least considering what it means to me.

I hope I'll be able to bring it over someday and kickoff phase 2 (put the 50cc engine on a display stand and put in a J125 4M/Starstream)





















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On 8/14/2017 at 1:31 PM, upjettr said:



Is that your fucking front yard? Jesus.

nice scooter... nice lawn

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Thanks!!! It really took forever to get it to that point, along with tons of frustration...but I'm super happy with the result!

For the Dallas Classic, I think I'll bring the LD I'm working on here in TX, the LUI will take too much time to bring over. 

As for the lawn...not mine, I'd never be able to put up with all the mowing! 

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