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Picked up another Junk LD

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More LD junk to disassemble!


Daniel picked up this LD at a scooter rally, because he wanted the taillight. Then sold/traded me the rest of the junk, haha.
I needed the handlebar, and clamps. So I reluctantly took it.

The LD was in Fort Worth, where Andrew lives. I wanted to stop by and see his LD project. I couldn’t wait to get there, just to show up when Andrew was remodeling his house, with the LD in storage at another location. That was a bummer!
I did, see that cool LD motor he’s working on. Andrew does clean and detail work. It was fun to finally meet Andrew in person, with Daniel.

I get the LD home. What a f__king nightmare, with that old rusty junk smell.

When Daniel sold/pawned the rest of the LD off on me. Daniel said, look Anthony, the motor turns over free! Daniel did his best sales pitch!

I pull the head off. No Piston! We laughed our asses off! Yes The Motor Turned Free!

This always amazes me. The LD was a rusting piece of junk. I pull off the flywheel, and the stator plate parts look good.
If the sparkplug coil was hooked up, this motor would have had spark! haha.

It took a days to safely remove these parts.
To disassemble the handlebar, and restore the rest will take a week. Fun fun fun!

As for the LD body and frame. I now have a LD graveyard in my storage. When I finish my LD 150 project, there will
be a big LD giveaway! haha.

Anthony Armstrong
ASD Scooter Designs


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17 hours ago, 2Tony said:

I have a nice rear seat you can have for cheap

Buried in that junk pile, are too good seats. You can even see the rear seat. I would only needs the cover. I’m a long way from needing that, but thanks.

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It was great meeting you, I'll let you know as soon as I'm back in US and done with the reno so you can check out the progress on the LD and pick up some leftover spares, there are few more I need to dig up.

In the meantime...good luck with your LD project!!!

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