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Kickstart - Engaging Motor Problems

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WhatUp Lambretta Club!
Working on my 1959 Series 2 project. I made a How To, set up the kick-start shaft and lever.

It’s never this easy, but you might get lucky, and only have to do this! haha.

a. The kick-start lever should be flat on the case stop.
b. Loosen the 3 Cam bolts.
c. Then slide the Cam by tapping it, in the direction, where
    the center of the piston pen, will stop inside zone (c).

Tighten down the Cam bolts, close the case, and have fun!

(Note: The extreme problems below are most likely caused by aftermarket Kick-start Levers and  Shafts.)

Kick-start - Engaging Motor Fix.
Half or one piston/motor turnover, with one kick can be annoying. If the kick-start
is set up correct, you should get 2 are more turnovers, with the force of one kick.

A lot of times I would get one motor turnover, with one kick. This was the problem I had with
my 1961 series 2 motor. In photo 1, the kick-start lever is down that far, when the kick-start
piston-gear come out, and slide down the Cam guide. By the time the foot lever hit’s the ground, the motor only turns over once.


Here’s how I worked on fixing this problem. I used vice-grips on the Cam.
Locking the kick-start shaft in the spot, where the piston gear starts to come out.


This is the position of the lever, with the shaft locked on the other side.
The goal is to close gap (a), just before the piston gear comes out on the other side.


The next thing to do, is rotated the kick-start lever up a few notch’s. Fitting flat under the
case stop. A lot of times, it will only fit above the case stop. This is okay. My lever ended up fitting on, around (b) area.


With the kick-start lever halfway on.
Move the lever down and under the case stop, then push the lever all the way on.



These are Cam guides for the kick-start piston gear. (d) Cam was in the motor. Cam (c) maybe
an original series 1 or 2 part I found in my junk box, that I’m going to use now. With the new
position of the lever, Cam (c) works better.


I modify Cam (c) so it could slide further. The Cam was hitting the case at (b1) spot.
This is a common problem with most Cam’s.


The grading in photo 6, gave the Cam more distance to travel in the direction of (e).

Just right! This is the way it should look. The piston-gear pin is ready to slide down
the Cam guide, the moment you hit the kick-start lever.



I thought about making the engage spot, faster in photo 8.

It’s not necessary, but this will improve the engage speed! If you have the time and guts. Go for it. Just don’t screw up, haha!
(Note: The angle of the cut has to be identical otherwise, the piston-gear pen will not slide back correct!)




Anthony Armstrong - Dallas Texas
ASD Scooter Designs


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