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García Lorenzo

700 miles of trip with a lambretta LD by Spanish roads

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The challenge of reaching the "7th Challenge of Lagos de Covadonga".

They say that the LD do not walk, and it is true that they are slow, but since six years ago the restoration of my Eibar´s Lambretta LD of 1958 was around my head the idea of drive it for the Asturias roads, .

Last year he traveled in tow to Ribadesella, to participate in the 6th Challenge "Lagos de Covadonga", but because of a poor gasoline I had to get on a loaned bike. This year the idea was to travel from Madrid on it and enjoy the route and the hospitality of the V3$p@ Club of Asturias. Thanks to my friend Carlos Tejera, who accompanied me on a V3$p@ CL 150, I was able to fulfill that dream.

The route of the Desafío always leaves of Ribadesella and traditionally climbs until the Lakes of Covadonga. This year has maintained the name but has changed the route: National Parks had authorized the climb of the motorcycle registered, but the Police did not allow it and that is why the organization warned us in June of the change of route. The exit was in Ribadesella but we climbed to Sotres, the highest town of Asturias, at 1050 meters, a route as spectacular or even more so than the ascent to the Covadonga Lakes. The event is more popular each year and the registrations for which we are not partners open and close in minutes. This year in an hour there were 200 motorcycles enrolled, 260 people including the companions.

Friday afternoon begins to smell of motor oil in Ribadesella and in the park closed we make the inscriptions. We had the traditional welcome "paella" and left the motorcycles parked in the premises enabled by the organization.

On Saturday we started at 11 in the morning; The sky threatened rain and many came out with monkey water but as we were rolling the clear sky allowed us to enjoy the views and the road with dry asphalt. In total there were 175 km of route. To Sotres, with its infinite ramps, the LD went up with two persons and there we enjoyed appetizer, cider, beers, tortilla and "cabrales" cheese, courtesy of the organization. The food at the restaurant Repelao de Covadonga was, as in previous years, spectacular. For 260 people there were ciders, beers and wines, pans of fabes to repeat as much as you wanted, "cachopos" until "fartucarse" and rice with milk and coffee. After the desserts the V3$p@ Club of Asturias recognized the participation of the members of the Lambretta Cbub of Spain with a bottle of cider for its representatives and it rewarded the LD 125 with the trophy to the far more rolling, that has double merit because it was the oldest motorcycle of the concentration. Then in the Sanctuary of Covadonga, group photo and blessing of motorcycles at the door of the Monastery.

In the Challenge to Lagos there are two types of inscriptions, the most complete one including the brotherhood dinner on Saturday night. We started at 10 pm at the Gran Hotel del Sella, and ended at 2 am in the hotel and at dawn on the streets of Ribdesella. There were lots of gifts, including a book from the Lambretta factory in Spain, donated by the CLE. So far the chronicle of the 7th challenge, the journey, the route and the details of the trip with the LD have been published in the Lambretta Spain Club forum and at https://desafiolagos2017.wordpress.com/.
Just tell you that the bike made more than one thousand kilometers (700 miles) without problems, because having to change a spark plug after 10 hours of operation can not be considered a fault.

I encourage you all to ride yours small olds scooters. I could have made the trip with other motorbikes, more powerful and fast, but the experience that I have lived traveling to Asturias with the LD 125 would not have had with them. From Madrid to Asturias, are 450 milles, driving a LD, spend 11 hours, with stops included. 11 hours of curves, landscapes and friendship with platinum spark plugs and three-gear transmission.

























retocada IMG_5507.jpg

retocada palencia con carlos motos.jpg








panoramica inscripciones.png

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Dude thats great I LOVE hearing stuff like this.  What was your average speed 40mph?  I googled "Sanctuary of Covadonga"  looks amazing

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The average speed was slow because we stopped many times, I missed the gas tap and did not know when the reserve came in. It is a fast flow adapted. En route in plain the motorcycle goes to 43 miles, descending to 53 and climbing mountain ports in second or first gears depending on the ramps

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Beautiful!  Makes me want to take my LD on an adventure.  Thanks for the great write up and pics the scenery was amazing.

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