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Texas United Scooter Rally, June 2017

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1st Annual Texas United Scooter Rally put on by Daniel Smith in Fredericksburg Texas, June 8 to 11, 2017.
The NTNOA motorcycle guys I hangout with, always talk about the good riding and roads in Fredericksburg.
I had to make Daniel scooter rally to see what the hype was all about.

On the first ride, we rode to a tourist attraction called Enchanted Rock. Riding up to the park wasn’t impressed until I looked closer.   

From far away, Enchanted Rock looked like a small mount with weeds. The State Parks was closed when we rode up, because of overcrowding. Then I use my camera to zoom into the area. I was impressed! The weeds I thought I was, were people walking on Enchanted Rock. The closer you get to Enchanted Rock. It gets bigger, like some type of weird optical illusion.
Enchanted Rock (State Natural AREA Texas Parks and Wildlife Department)

The roads and countryside around Fredericksburg was beautiful with very little traffic.


Back at the campground. Brandon wanted to do a longer scooter ride on his P200 to some well-known curvy roads called The Three Sisters. This photo below was taken about 50 miles out, at the beginning of one of the Three Sisters route. He said the ride would be about 100 miles with speeds around 50 mph.
Bullshit! Brandon was flying on that P200. I had to tuck down on my Li 150 just to keep up with the group. I tucked behind one of those big Burgman scooters for miles. I had a death grip on the handlebars, holdfast style the entire time. My Lambretta was running wide open for hours.

This scooter ride turned into a endurance of will!
The curvy road in this photo was cool, but there were miles of holdfast scooter riding to get too the other curve.

The next photo was taken about 80 miles from the campground, where one of the vintage V3$p@ broke down.
We ended up riding over 180 miles. At each stop, the palms of my hands were numb from me squeezed
out all the blood, with a death grip. I had fun, but a long fast scooter ride (On Vintage Suspension!) was a beat down!

Videos at this link!

Anthony Armstrong
ASD Scooter Designs

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