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Club Store- Help!


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Help Club Store!?!

I think I might now have two sets of credentials to the club store. While trying to figure how to enter the Eurolambretta 2017 pool, I kept getting errors when trying to sign in. I thought I clicked on the forgotten password, but it seems I signed up for the club store again.  If so, can you delete the most recent signup, and I'll make double sure I click on the forgotten password link. Don't want anymore confusion on membership renewal and such. I know my membership is #577 and I suspect I have two log-ins under the email starr.markham@gmail 

I tried to send this to Peter and Kieran but got an error telling me I could not send a message to either of them?


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I'm not sure which store you are referring to?

Your forum login is linked to you membership and the membership store.

The other store is our merch store. I know it's a bit confusing that we have 2 stores but the reason we decided to do that was the forum provided store was absolutely terrible to manage. With our new merch store, we have access to a ton of features like shipping and tracking stuff that makes handling sales of merch much easier for the Matty to deal with.

So that said are we talking about the membership store:


Or the merch store:


Matty handles everything regarding the merch store and Kieran handles the membership store. Me? I just chicken peck my way through the back end systems and sometimes fix something or help with something. Sometimes I win at that and sometimes I lose...

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