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1962 125LI in 150 Colors Gary in Tucson

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Before and after Pictures of my 1962 125LI in 150 colors.  Never careed the 125 color.  I did the bodywork and painting, came out very well.  It has a host of upgrades, will detail them in later posts, but it is a solid 60mph scooter now although I don't push it that fast normally.


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As mentioned, here are the details:

My ‘62 series 3 LI 125/175 with 150 Verde Nilo colors in Tucson, AZ.

Bought the Lambretta in Portland in 2013 and transported to Tucson.  Paint was horrible, but it had new tires, a free flow exhaust and a CDI ignition system and Beedspeed regulator.  Also, installed by P-Town scooters it had a 62.4mm 175 cc conversion, a 2nd over Asso piston (AF Rayspeed), and a 25mm dellorto phbl  carburetor.  The compression was so high it was difficult to kick over.  I subsequently went to a 10mm head gasket instead of a 5mm one and that cured the compression problem.  The intake manifold was a kluged up modification, so I purchased a UK manifold designed for the dellorto phbl carb on a lambretta LI and that made a nice clean installation.

I pulled it completely apart, had it sand blasted, then painted the parts with concept DCC acrylic Urethane. (very expensive)

Geared it up higher with a 19T front sprocket, and an 82 chain.  It doesn't rocket away from stoplights, but feels much more comfortable at cruise.  Got rid of the front spare carrier and bought a rear spare carrier/ luggage rack.  Obtained stainless bolts and nuts where I could.

When lights were on and brake pedal depressed, the 5 watt tail light would dim the lights.  I went thru 3 different LED tail lights before I found one that worked.It has Red lights, so taped off clear part of tail light lens with aluminum tape and installed and wired license plate holder bolts with little white LED's.  Current draw much less and lighting much better.


After all my work it still seemed to be starved for gas.  Took out the original fuel shutoff and installed the higher flow version.  Now it runs great.  Took the original fuel shutoff apart and couldn’t believe how tiny the holes were.  I threw it in the trash.


Two non-standard hints that worked well for me:

     Center Stand Black Rubber boots – Take out the roll pins and throw them as far as you can.  Tap the roll pin holes for M7, fits almost perfectly.  Cut the head off M7x50 bolt, (SS in wet climes) notch with a Dremel for a flat screwdriver.  Put on Scooter Restoration boots (some others don’t fit at all), screw in modified bolts.  Boot replacement now easy, side load strength very good!

     Side Panel “Lambretta” Emblems – After spending countless hours sanding and smoothing side panels prior to paint, I really didn’t want to bang on the side panel and little Emblem pins with a hammer.  Instead I used a #1-64 die on the pins, just turning it by hand, then after bending the emblem to fit I put a 2mm washer and #1-64 nut on the pins and lightly tightened.  Worked very well although pins are slightly too large for the die.  Next time I will use a 2mm die and nut, which is ~ .005” larger than the #1-64, and should work even for the leg shield emblems with slightly larger/stronger pins. (#1-64 outside diameter = .073”, 2mm outside diameter = .078)

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Here are some pictures of the slight modifications I made.  You can line the up the center stand rubber with the hole just by sticking a phillips head screwdriver down it and feeling for the hole.  Use the die on the emblems and check the fit with the nuts before mounting.  The little LEDs in the license plate mounting bolts provide plenty of light for the plates, even if one were to go out.  Finally, the LED tail light bulbs that worked for me are shown.

CentreStandScrewIn2.JPGthreadedBadge1.JPGTailLights1.jpglambretta tailight1.jpg

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