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Series 2 Air-box, with better airflow.

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My series 2 was perfect, with a few small problems I’m going to fix on a new series 2 project.
The motor is a 150 running through one of those smaller air-box holes, that bogging down my motor.

I was running an aftermarket air filter hooked up to the air bellow, not through that stock air-box.

That’s worked good with a lot more of power, but took away from the overall look of the motor,
and the motor made a lot more noise that bugged me on long scooter rides!

When the motor runs through the stock air-box, the motor had less power, but it was quiet!
I rode my series 2 Lambretta with this setup, because of the motor noise.

Here’s what I came up with (on-the-fly) to fix this problem.
This air-box I modified, was in poor condition. It wasn’t a big deal If I screw it up. :D

I use thick gasket paper, to cut out a pattern too fit around this edge.


Sometime I get lucky! The pattern I cut out fit perfect the first time.

Next, I drilled holes for more airflow.

This air-box project came-out great. The only thing left to do
is fill in the edges with Epoxy, then primer and paint.


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Thin sheet metal from the hardware store would definitely be better over a longtime. I have a good pattern to start with. If I find metal that's easy to cut. I’ll do that later. Thanks.


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There are a few series 3 air boxes on fb from a guy up north selling for 50 . Hit me up if u want his contact info.  

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