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Ser.3 LI125 w/reedvalved Rt195 project

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So I made some headway on this project.  Adam was talking about some invitational track days, so this was the bike I was going to run. Track days fell thru (for now) but there are some open 1/8 mile drag days, so this bike will be working double duty. First race is may 6th so I have a busy weekend planned. It is 17/47, 6 plate, a.f.rayspeed close ratio, a.f. lightened flywheel,  rt195, lth reedvalve,  60/107 crank, jl race, 28mm mikuni (will change to tmx 30mm when time allows), GRP bodywork. Going g to try the kytronic again...  More pictures Tuesday.  





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I tried the kytronic before and didn't have much luck with it. The curves I chose  didn't match very well with my riding style. I read more about others and what curve they chose so we'll see.  I just want it to go from 23/24 degrees to 16 sooner than later in the rpm range. Was going to try curve 2. I think I tried 7 before and a few others? It was a year ago and I didn't put much time into it. What is your timing set to and what curve did you choose?

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Ugh. If they weren't so fun I'd throw it off a cliff. All cables and electric connected. Only brake light and horn work. Battled the carb all day. From 170 to 270 mains and two different needles. Won't rev over 1/4 to 1/2 throttle. Advised to swap cdi if not new.  Been sucking exhaust all day. Done till friday. 



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