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Who WON this French LD?

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This FRENCH LD was on ebay last week in Mass.



Who won it?

I have a Facebook page for FRENCH LD owners. A few good itmes on tehre as reference. These have soem UNIQUE parts.
Panels do not fit on Italian frames. 
Tanks and filler cap in different place.
Different horn cast.

Unique Headset top with mirror mount
Unique seats with no springs.
Single Teleflex gear change cable.

Notice the choke and Fuel go out the front like an Li Series... NOT between the seats.

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Admin... sorry maybe this should have gone in the LD section? and not chit chat?
Please move if needed. THanks.

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Good thing it is chit chat, I never look in LD.  Not sure what I am going to do with it.  I like the kick start lever.  Tool box might be unique too?

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