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    • its a Gran Tourismo 200 kit. Should give me something like 23 HP with my carb/exhaust. It has a ton of torque. I beat sports cars off the start when I forget how old I am.  Indeed my 4th is too tall, but I thought I needed to go up in front sprocket?  Here is the table: Cambridge Lambertta      
    • Go back to stock gearing. The SX200/TV175/JET200 gear box with 15/46 is one of the best combos out there. That slow acceleration in 4th is an indicator of too tall of gearing.   What do you mean by GT200 barrel, is it a TV200 top end? If that's the case, with the big carb and clubman you need to really go back to stock gearing.  Google "lambretta gear box calculator". Good stuff.     
    • Hi, my Jet has: GT200 barrel & head, 28mm Delly, BGM clubman. I changed front sprocket to 16 tooth. It pulls like a train through to 3rd gear, say about 85-90 kmph, then I get into 4th gear and the revs drop. Acceleration continues but noticably slower. I top out about 115 - 120 kmph but it takes a while to get to that. The engine feel like it still has power beyond that, that I am running out of gearing.  I'm wondering is it better that I try a 17 tooth front gear, or switching the crown wheel to a 47 tooth, or to put in a Li150 gear box.   I've also got a PM tuning expansion chamber sitting on the shelf that I will try at some point, but not until I figure out the gearing to make use of the few additional HP. Thanks in advance David
    • Everybody will chip in with their favorite, but Kroil has never failed me at loosening a stuck bolt or nut.  Hard to find but worth it.  I know that BlueCreeper is gaining a lot of fans too, but I’ve never tried it.
    • Anybody who is attending should join in.  As usual, I’m not, so mine is just support to an LCUSA member representing us there.  If you don’t win I’d bet the eventual recipient would at least buy a round at one of the venues, eh? 😀🍻🍷