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    • From time to time, I see "free" posts on here, and I think it is badass. Can we start a sub-forum in the classifieds - maybe call it "pay it forward," where people can post things that they'd be willing to give away?
      I'm envisioning this being a place where I can post parts or memorabilia that I might otherwise toss in the bin (or hold onto forever, cluttering up my garage). Or maybe it is an item I'd otherwise sell for the cost of a cocktail at the bar, but am happy to give to a fellow LCUSA member to help their project along? This could even be considered a perk of membership? Post it here, rather than scoot.net or public FB forums. Admin - what do you think.....can you set this up?
      Community - will you help contribute?  
    • I think I have a 12V indian horn. also, a badge that the back broke off of (you could install with high strength 2 sided tape). Free.
    • I honestly don’t know the difference. I know they are slightly different. My email is ta2ed24@aol.com and yes that is all.com 😉
    • Back looks like this if I remember - I’ll check if this looks like the one you need, please let me know. (All credit to Scooter-Centre Koln for the pic)
    • I may have something for you to use Steve (shipping cost only). How close are S1 and S2? (Let the peanut gallery respond 😀). I sent an email to an old address of yours. Scott