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  2. HI Joe,  I am a member and am getting an error code when I try to login to the classified ads. Is it down? Paul

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  4. So I took the forks apart and it looks like I have one buffer that is slightly larger and three that are the same size. Odd but once I get another large buffer, we'll see if this fixes things.
  5. No lights at all, including Brake and speedo? Electronic or points 12v system? Is there a regulator? As a guess if you had lights one day and then not I'd look at the source first. Start at the loom out of the stator and start testing connections. Something probably just came apart.
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  7. Hello ... I'm hoping that someone out there can help me .. I have a 83 lambretta GP 150 with a 12v ring main .. worked perfectly until until a few days ago .. She starts at second kick and runs well.. only problem is lights have gone .. I've replaced the switch and front bulb which was looking ropey .. now I'm stuck for ideas .. I've put volt meter on and come back with some strange numbers .. any help please ...
  8. Yeah, this sounds about right. Buffers and stops are brand new. Springs, links and pistons are original. Thanks. I'll be tearing the forks apart again.
  9. it could be mismatched fork links from different models, unevenly worn springs, unevenly /worn fork buffers (or different manufacturer) slightly uneven, bent fork pistons, uneven not seated correctly (manufacturer or just oil dirt) fork spring stops or all of the above.
  10. Derek, these are the scoot's original links. Kickstart-side link has the locating pin. The other side does not, as it's supposed to be.
  11. Take the wheel off and see if you have the correct link on the left side. You might have two links that should be on the right.
  12. BGM stainless split rims with inner tubes.
  13. Hey Lambrettaverse, I just put the front hub and tire on this Li I'm building and the tire is not lining up straight. I'm thinking I need to go back into the forks and ensure both links are even (the k/s-side link/spring may not be in far enough. Has anyone else ever had this issue?
  14. Thanks. Maybe Spring Scoot (If it is dry). WW
  15. Members get their spouses at members rate, I think kids under 12 would be free. (This only applies if they attend rally events and the dinners. If they are going to come with and freestyle, then no need to register) This is a family friendly event in an area they will love to visit so we encourage you to bring them along. They will have a great time for sure! My family brought me when I was about 8 and I still remember riding horses through Custer State Park, going through the tunnels on Needles Highway and feeding burrows on the Custer Wildlife Loop. Plan a few extra days and if the kids are old enough, go to Evan's Plunge in Hot Springs.
  16. Mikuni tm's postage paid they also sell on ebay motors. Didn't check for pwk 24tm $109 28tm $102 32 tmx $122 https://www.oemcycle.com/Item/category/fuel__air+carburetors__related/-/50000059/-/?fut=none&SC=%2FItem%2Fcategory%2Ffuel__air%2Bcarburetors__related%2F-%2F50000059%2F-%2F%3Fsegment%3D1&SEARCHSTRING=Mikuni+tm+24&x=21&y=12
  17. any info on bringing wife and kid to events? do we need to pay for them? or is there a spouse price? Kids under 3 free? any info would be nice/
  18. I'm located in outer SE Portland. Nice to meet you.
  19. typical Lambretta. As soon as I or someone says this never happens, doesn't exist etc etc someone comes up with 5 or 6 examples to the contrary! :d
  20. There are at least 5 or 6 C I know of in Canada and the US. I got mine two years ago in Cleveland from POC Phil. Barry at SFSC has one for sale in his website too.
  21. looks to be original paint so if u did decide to restore I would do mechanicals, tires, forks, hub, and engine.
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