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  2. I dont actually have it going yet. I'd been stalled out, trying to hook up the harness properly (among other small set backs). Now I'm close to setting the timing. I need to read up on that process. This is my first two stroke build, and the bike was a basket case, so I've been learning a lot. Thanks.
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  4. Well as long as you got it going, that's all that matters in the end.
  5. I did not purchase it from you. I got it from SIP through the help of a friend. I'll look up your site and see what goodies I might want next. Thank you.
  6. Those are called folding stadium mirrors, about $60-80 or so usually. Check your favorite scooter shop first. I also saw them on Amazon and eBay. they are left/right specific.
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  8. Seriously. I sorted an issue on one of mine this weekend and had a nice ride. It was great to be out.
  9. it's an interesting set up for wanting Torque for a commuter bike. Did you decide in the end?
  10. Roger, where did you get this Varitronic from? If it was me, you could have contacted me at lambrettaconcessionaires.com I am the USA distributor for Tino's product.
  11. Cool machine. Very cool to think that cops were cruising the Bronx on Lammys!!
  12. So, you're saying that our exsisting articles in the "show us your Lambretta" will no longer exists on this new site? is there a way for us to save these pages so that we dont have to post them in their entirety? My thread is 3 pages long with lots of comments. Thanks.
  13. You mentioned its easy "Wiring the hb switch is easy if you have a key switch also" I want to connect one small spotlight to my switch so when I turn the key it comes on with the headlight, how would I do this please? (Its 12v and I have an accessory battery if needed) Thanks in advance!
  14. I wanted to put this out to the world. KEEP STRONG!!
  15. UPDATE: Thanks to the help of TRs and Mike Anhalt, I was able to move forward with my ignition. I had hesitation on which wire I needed to install on the coil. Thoes two folks gave me the info that I needed. So I was trying to install a Varitronic Ignition. But the translated Italian instructions were a bit to vague for me. The only question I had was what wire went to the number 1 electrical connector on the coil?? Either the WHITE/RED or the RED. The answer is RED. The WHITE/RED is for the battery. So now I have the OG wires, Pink/Voilet/Brown & the new wires Yellow all hooked up on terminal #3 on the voltage reg. Blue is going to ground, as well as terminal #2. Red is now going to terminal #1 on the coil. All I need to do is ensure that the ground is good and ground the motor to the frame too. ] Thats if for tonight.
  16. Hey!! ,just wanted to let you know that I've finished cutting & splicing my harness. Its all hooked up. Thank you for helping. And I wish all of you and your families the best of luck & health during this COVID-19 outbreak. Take care, all of you.
  17. Hi, I wanted to wish all of you & all who you know and love the very best. This Covid-19 outbreak has put the world on pause. Perhaps some of you might be feeling the full effects. I just wanted to say that I'm thinking of us all. I've said some prayers to bless us all. Keep the faith!! Keep Strong!! Keep your eye trained on the sunrise!! If you're able, let your hobbies feed you during this time. I hope to share a beer and story with you some day. Perhaps at the next Lammy Jammy. This art is my way of saying Keep Strong and Keep the Faith!!!
  18. Where do you guys purchase the lower leg shield mirrors? Thx!
  19. UPDATE: My choke cable showed up today...but it is not going to work either. I need some help identifying which choke cable I need. I've take some photos of my two cable options. The inner cable seems to be correct, its the outer sheath that is either too long or too short. In this pic you can see that I have two choke cable lengths. The inner cables are the same length. Its the outer sheath that is different. The longer sheath is what I got from a typical LI125 Series 3 cable kit. I cant use it, because the length of inner cable is not long enough to reach the choke piston. The second cable I received is intended for a carb with and elbow. I assumed that would work, but it is too short of an outer sheath. The inner cable is too long for this application. as you can see, the cable for the Elbow is about 13.5 inches long and the other cable is about 15.75 inches long. What cable do you guys use??? Here is the inner workings of the Dellorto carb choke section. This carb does not use an elbow. Here is a pic of the carb and the choke section. Also, I have a question about what type of hose goes on the following nipples? What are these for? I know what the large barbed nipple is for, fuel into the carb. but the small nipple aiming down toward the ground. What hose goes there?? On the opposite side of the carb is another small nipple aimed at a 45 degree angle. what hose goes there?? Thank you for any suggestions of what choke cable I should use & where to buy it. and what hose goes on the two mystery nipples & what they are for. Thank you!!
  20. Hello fellas. Mike is correct in this instance. The single green wire I have drawn all on its own, is the kills switch wire. I check continuity and it is a direct link. So I'm sure that this wire connects to terminal 1 on the coil. The twin green wires in the main harness?? i have no clue what they are. I'll follow Mikes suggestion and run the solid red to terminal 1 on the coil. The rest all makes since. Thank you both for taking the time to read this and offering your feed back. I really appreciate it. Without you both, I'd be stuck fearing that I'd Smoke the regulator. Please stay healthy and I wish you and your families are blessed with good health while we deal with this Covid-19 outbreak. I hope to meet you both some day, we'll enjoy a pint (or several). Cheers.
  21. ha! On my old TV it was separate wires which joined in the junction box. Probably a modification someone had done at some point...
  22. there is only 1 green wire from the kill switch to the ignition coil. If you put a meter on the ends it will read 0 ohms as if it were a single piece of wire (which it is). The double green is just a break out point along that wire. don't overthink it
  23. I have only seen a couple of stock harnesses, and there is a good chance those were messed with at some point, but looking at the drawn diagram, I am thinking that one of the greens in the main harness is the green that goes to the headset and the kill or ignition switch... And now rethinking it, the other green is probably the other end of the green in the loom by itself. So, they are used and just need to be connected together so that the single wire functions.
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