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  2. Hey everyone, my name is Franky and I’m in the process of moving from Northern NJ to Atlanta, Ga. I ride a 73 Jet 200 (and a 2017 Triumph Street Twin). Are there any regular vintage scooter meet-ups? Are there any good people that know how to work on Lammies when things get a little over my head? I’m really psyched for this move. I’ve already rode the Tail of the Dragon and look forward to exploring all the back roads. I look forward to hearing from you. Franky
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  4. OK playing for a twin Targa buff a pocket calender 2 keychains 3 stickers here is the picture - caption away
  5. Condenser or ignition coil is at fault .
  6. If that fails try swapping out the condenser. (Assuming it's a points system.)
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  8. What are you considering good? When we were trouble shooting some lighting issues on my LD we found that anything more than .4 ohms of continuity resistance was too much and the lights wouldn't work. Ground points between the frame and motor need to be very clean. It sounds like the coil to frame is good, you just need to clean up the frame to coil and motor grounds.
  9. Thanks, new wire, plug and cap, wires to stator look fine.
  10. Samples of others set ups. What am I missing? As long as I weld the fork leg bracket on and not the current clamp on, I'm good?
  11. I understand your concern of the possibility of the bracket slipping. I have only seen the brackets as pictured, unless a tab is welded on the forks to take the place of the bolt on bracket. Do you have a picture of the new style clamp on? I cant seem to find one. I did a search on google under lambretta anti dive front disc brake, they all look like my current set up with the bolt on fork leg bracket.
  12. Stu, I would personally be nervous with this arrangement, as the forward force will want to turn the bracket, with the possibility of turning into the disc/wheel. I think that is why all of the bracket arrangements currently on the market have the bar extended forward of the fork leg and the bracket facing forwards. My 0.02c.
  13. Do u have a new ignition wire, cap, and new plug? Also, have u checked wires on stator?
  14. Have to shorten the threaded end of the heim joints so I can screw it further into the coupling to shorten up the entire length of linkage. Also as I understand it, the lower the bracket and linkage is to parallel, the less harsh the anti dive is. Higher up, more aggressive. Please correct me if I'm wrong. This is all just roughly put on to see how it all fits and if it will work together, not the final. I prefer the two female heim joints connected with an 8mm hardened stud and an 8mm nut as a spacer. Much lighter and simple.
  15. Hi, my ld 125 has developed a spark problem. I ground the spark plug to the engine and get no spark but when I ground it to the passenger foot rest (only painted metal)I get plenty of good spark. I tested all the grounds from engine to chassis to the coil and all grounds are good. I also tested the kill switch wire and all is good. Ive have a couple of knowledgeable neighbors look at it and we all just scratch our heads. Does anyone have an idea as to what is wrong. Thanking you in advance.
  16. Another option that is lighter. Two female heim joints, 8mm threaded rod, 2 8mm nuts.
  17. I have a hydraulic disc that I bought without anti dive awhile back. Seems to be expensive to buy the bracket separately so I am trying to put together my own. Here is what I have so far. Two male 8mm heim joints, one 8mm coupling, two 8mm nuts, one fork leg spaq (kind of crappy) bracket If i can find a longer coupling I can get more adjustment. Looking for a fork leg bracket that will fit with current bgm dampeners like the bgm or targa bolt ons. The down side is my bracket is heavier that what comes with the kit, but it is around $20 so far. I'd prefer a better looking/designed bracket like these. Pictures from scooter speed and piston ported Sorry for the 2x post. I dont know how to delete the double post.
  18. Awesome! Thanks K-Dog and Pete!
  19. You wanted tires too? They will be here in 2 weeks
  20. Do not coat the tank with anything. Just dont. Please don't paint it. If you want a scooter with different paint sell this original paint scooter off PLEASE. I beg you not to touch the paint. You will devalue the scooter. I will happily sned you anither scooter in need of paint if you want to get something in a different colour.
  21. Aaron & Gary trinitylambretta@yahoo.com AND I know Darren Miles had some done. speedyscoot@yahoo.com Add to Contacts
  22. Anyone know of a custom badge maker or a pre made badge for ser 2 side panels that says LI225 and fits where a stock ser 2 tv175 badge goes? Thanks! Like these, but with LI225
  23. I've seen a video of it running when they changed out the original fuel tank. The actual tank is pretty gunked up and I'm going to send it off to be cleaned inside and coated, so till I get that back I won't know. The thing I like most about it so far, it makes me smile every time I walk in my garage.
  24. The intended plan changes week by week. It varies from the Q-ship style, ( all go and no show) , just a regular everyday usable machine, a full strip down rebuild , repaint etc or a full on custom paint job with engraving. It might end up as 70s scooterboy machine, flipflop backrest, bubble screen and a furry seat First step is getting it back in a running condition, then I'll see.
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