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  2. From what I’ve been able to piece together, pretty much any shop that could sell motorcycles/scooters did so. There was almost no brand loyalty unless you were buying from sears or MW (even then, there were lots of brands with the house brand attached to them) I have a Black plate style plate frame that came off a S1, it reads Riverside and scooterramma.
  3. Last week
  4. You need an A adapter type kit for non gp. That's what the engineers are for. Ha! I didnt say it would work, just a different way of thinking about it. I like the original tool.
  5. Hi Mike, I Purchased a 1963 LI150 barn find more than 10 years ago that had a “Riverside FORDYCE” Dealer license plate frame on it. It had the Origional Black California License Plate on it as well. Will Lake Tahoe
  6. 😲 I'm having a hard time seeing how that will actually work with non-GP fork links
  7. The problem is these nylock nuts are not meant to be reused. Here we are some 50-60 years later still using this stuff! If you are going to use original hardware always use a new wave or lock washer and add a drop of anti seize grease on the threads of the nut. This way you can get the nut all the way tight on the stud and you won't risk them going loose on you.
  8. Wow- I have never seen that before- just heard of it. Loosing studs like that could have ended badly! Glad your OK
  9. I just used my spring compressor - really is a great thing to own!
  10. Not my idea but clever if you don't have the tool. Pictures taken from: http://blue-ashtray.blogspot.com/2011/11/blog-post.html?m=1
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  12. The design can def be improve on. Would be interested in seeing what you come up with
  13. i could get one online pretty easily. i like tinkering with this kind of thing and trying to design and build my own stuff. must be the engineer in me.
  14. It’s pretty specific to the job and makes it very easy. I don’t think you can build them (LI/SX type) with out it. Are you having a hard time finding one or trying to avoid buying one? I bought mine from Cambridge Lambretta about 15 years ago.
  15. Thanks! Or should I say (in Polish) Dziękuję
  16. Ok Scott your the big winner!! Always a Good party song, And she’s gotta go now.
  17. Anyone made their own Fork Spring Compressors or have a work around to buying one? or any of the specialist tools that are required.
  18. honey, stand next to that pile of trash so I can take your photo.
  19. Sorry, guys, that post above is me - used an old login by mistake.
  20. "Is that your Luna stack, or are you just happy to see me?"
  21. "Pictured: Every Luna range Lambretta in North America, presented by Jon Kroge and the new Casa 135 kit"
  22. Audio caption thanks to The Kingsmen!
  23. Lui/Vega! (with a little bit of Erica by their side)
  24. Great, I’ll look it up. Thanks.
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