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  2. Eurolammy 2020 tickets? Airfare lottery! Here's a bit of Monza 2018 IMG_1298.MOV , just for fun.
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  4. if you are wanting to get your scooter out to florida. I need to know by the end of feb. thank you
  5. HI Mike, Well I got it fixed. All is good with it now. Thanks to your help and Scooter Speed!!
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  7. can’t help you there I’m afraid. Make sure you get a post-mod version which is stronger.
  8. Greets Siobhan! It would be an honour to meet you and see your bike(s) also. I have carried out a little bit of work but have recently started to ramp up my effort to make her reliable for the Rally. We are very excited about attending and hope to make it! St Augustine is not far from Savannah. We love St Augustine a bit and enjoy all of the sights in and around the city, like Caps on the River, Sarbez and also the new Mod shop that has recently opened up in town. I am looking to find a quality, possibly Italian made NOS/ or new front hub bell. One of the stud edges broke off from metal fatigue. It is the only part of me Lammie that suffered any real decay. I may ask Graham (Marsh) in nyc if he has a spare. Would you have any spares available or know someone with one reasonably priced?
  9. I'll start this out by making sure you know I'm a dealer. So, you can take this piece of information how you want. The Ancilotti Sport gives you about 3 or 4 extra bhp, but is quite quiet due to an end can. My first experience of the exhaust, I was quite impressed. I was riding a Mugello 225 with a StandarD Ancilotti. My friend riding. Small Block 200 and he had the Sport. He could nearly keep up with me on the flat, but he'd often just beat me on a hill.
  10. It would be nice to see this there. I have one of these Innocenti machines as well now. Have you done any more work on yours?
  11. Though it has been a long time coming. I am working to get the Lammie prepared with hopes of arriving to St Augustine 2020. I have spoken with Jet200 and am putting together a new parts list. It would be an honour to meet others and present this unusual bit of history, LI/SX NYPD bike and learn more about its origins.
  12. Working on the ol girl getting her prepared with hopes of attending in St Augustine 2020

  13. there once was an article in Scootering on swapping out flyovers (frame hoops) on frame tubes (If I'm not mistaken, they discussed how to jig it up and weld it all together - I think they were building a frame with SX200 VIN or something). Anyways. does anyone have that issue? I'd love to see a scan . thank you!
  14. Excellent then! I have two saddles that would work, and they are a matching pair - front and rear. Thanks!!
  15. All series bikes have interchangeable seats. They are front/back specific though.
  16. I just want to know whether the angle of the saddles are the same or different from the two series. The bike I got has no saddles at the moment.
  17. Yes, I put that in but I think its sliding, I am gonna have to get a few then.
  18. Nope It's a flat shim that has an ID about the same as the shift rod and is a couple of mm thick. Sometimes you'll find 3 or 4 in there if the gap is really big. These are missing a lot of the time because they like to stick to the pulley just long enough to get removed from the headset and then fall in to oblivion. A well shimmed headset makes a ton of difference in how the bike shifts and feels overall.
  19. Yes I know the hardware is mis matched. Gonna get the right hardware. The shim . Is that this???
  20. Missing the shim, cable guide and the hardware is mis-matched
  21. Pc users, Right click and select copy link on any photo from the web. Paste in to the forum posting. I don’t know mac. or host photo on scoot.net/gallery/bbs copy paste url in to your post.
  22. Mike. Thanks for all your help. I am gonna take off the headset again and relook at it. How did you post photos? I cant seem to get that right as well. lol
  23. http://www.scooterrestorations.com/lambretta/throttle-distance-washer/ http://www.scooterrestorations.com/lambretta/sec-8-handlebar-fork-speedometer/ Part 12 in the drawing
  24. A6E60260-DBA4-4D87-ABB8-C997717CB30E.heic
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