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  2. feel free to delete the ‘test’ since I can’t 🙄
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  4. We're cleaning up the forums. We're using this forums to troubleshoot member technical issues with the forums and website. If you posted in here and it's not related to technical issues with the site, it will likely be moved to an appropriate forum. thanks
  5. Hi 

    I am interested in buying your Lambretta s parts. You can text me directly at 7033952815.  Thanks. 

  6. really? will send a PM
  7. Second year in a row this has happened now. Still not received my renewal bits from Dec. Either the Alaska Post Office has a thing about my LCUSA stuff or you guys just don’t like me.
  8. Thanks for adding me to your club. 

    My name is Bill from Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 Great Britain 

  9. Working on the ol girl getting her prepared with hopes of attending in St Augustine 2020

  10. New Member, Also locked out of MA. Error code: 1F176/3
  11. we are eventually doing a remake.. But I can ask Peter how that works
  12. In the gallery area on the site, can you make folders for your pictures or are all the members pictures mixed together? Is there a limit on how many pictures can be uploaded?
  13. Tried getting on to the members bit of the forum and am getting Error code: 1F176/3 I did get a membership renewal notice thru last month which I ignored because I,m' on the autorenewal programme
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