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  4. This maybe old but, you got that bike from a sole runner but, not sole runner 1. that would be me.
  5. Anyone road tripping from SoCal to St. Augustine...?

    1. ScottWally


      Denver to St Augustine - then back home via Bristol (TN & VA), Nashville, Memphis and Omaha (picking up a relative in Nebraska for a Colorado visit with us) .  Way too much driving for sure.

  6. ScottWally

    hello there

    this forum is mostly perused by oldsters and Luddites in the club - but we occasionally can help visitors without too much snark - what do you need help with? (pardon my poor grammar/syntax) Many more members can be found on the Facebook pages for the LCUSA
  7. Looking forward to getting out of the house and on the Lamb !

  8. ScottWally

    Carb issue

    Check with Jon - if you ordered the whole kit (intake, cables, etc) I can’t imagine how it would be failing like that. He takes great pride in that solid intake manufacturing and design and should be able to troubleshoot it over the phone or emails for you.
  9. Guest

    Carb issue

    I just installed a Delorto 24mm kit from Casa Lambretta to replace an old Jetex that I had, but with the new carb on, the fuel flows and fills the bowl, but nothing is drawn through the carb, and even placing my hand over the carb mouth leaves it bone dry. No other changes were made and it ran fine before. I’m at a loss.
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