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  3. The correct way is to weld up the broken piece and then machine a new hole for the bushing to go in to.
  4. The repair photos are further up in this thread. They're what I'm taking to my TIG guy to use. But I'm trying to verify whether it's as simple as building up the broken aluminum and putting the ferrule in the hole.
  5. Was a pretty fun weekend!!
  6. Regardless of whether I buy a new headset bottom or not, the fix for this is to build up the aluminum then press in the ferrule, right? Or do I weld around the ferrule, trapping it in place? This is my first complete rebuild so any info is appreciated.
  7. Some pics from the rally in Portland this past weekend.
  8. Since it’s an Li S3 headset bottom just replace it. I’ve got a couple here for you andnits much less trouble. Id even do a discount on a swap for your busted one.
  9. New buffers and retorque-ing fixed it. Thanks Corey.
  10. To verify, all I need to do is build up the aluminum, then press in the brass ferrule? Thanks.
  11. did u replace the seals since u were in their to replace the shoes? looks like grease got into the drum .
  12. k-dog


    Looks like your sorted out. Welcome!
  13. Jloya


    Hi , I recently became a member but I forgot my username , and I don’t see anyway to retrieve it on the website. Please advise, thanks.
  14. The brakes were pretty bad on the 65 Li, this weekend acid etched the drum, and put on some new shoes, new adjuster, stops great now!
  15. Hello, I tried getting into the classifieds today and could not get in. Any suggestions? This is what the classified page shows: Error code: 1F176/3 Thank you. Paul in AZ .
  16. HI Joe,  I am a member and am getting an error code when I try to login to the classified ads. Is it down? Paul

    1. Joe Barthlow

      Joe Barthlow

      Hey Paul, are you able to post onto the Site Help forum?




      Do so and the site admin and look at your issue. If that doesn't work, get back to me.

    2. Paul Phoenix

      Paul Phoenix

      HI Joe,  I will give it a try. Thank you.


      Paul Hamra in Phoenix, 

  17. So I took the forks apart and it looks like I have one buffer that is slightly larger and three that are the same size. Odd but once I get another large buffer, we'll see if this fixes things.
  18. No lights at all, including Brake and speedo? Electronic or points 12v system? Is there a regulator? As a guess if you had lights one day and then not I'd look at the source first. Start at the loom out of the stator and start testing connections. Something probably just came apart.
  19. Hello ... I'm hoping that someone out there can help me .. I have a 83 lambretta GP 150 with a 12v ring main .. worked perfectly until until a few days ago .. She starts at second kick and runs well.. only problem is lights have gone .. I've replaced the switch and front bulb which was looking ropey .. now I'm stuck for ideas .. I've put volt meter on and come back with some strange numbers .. any help please ...
  20. Yeah, this sounds about right. Buffers and stops are brand new. Springs, links and pistons are original. Thanks. I'll be tearing the forks apart again.
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