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  2. OK -- Will do. I'll get everything to you in early Feb.
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  4. Might help here if you have a link, I tried your pic above and nothing. We are a totally lazy bunch of moped riders 😀
  5. do it!! always need content.... I hear its pretty wild over there.. I am sure that will be a great trip
  6. Very true, Mike. But hell I brought it up personally to a bunch of people I've supported in various ways over the years and can't even get a join forum out of them, even if it's never followed. Everywhere I go people bitch about fb, and how you have to join every event just to get information about it, even if you don't plan on going, and then can't see photos and whatnot unless you join the event, plus facebook tracks you, sells to you, manages you like a commodity....and you have to migrate tons of ads....I figured people wanted a scooter place away from there (and I get your point about LCUSA forums for sure). Just frustrated, more about the people I personally contacted not bothering than anything else. And bitching. Definitely bitching.
  7. Don’t take it personally. These things take time to catch on and grow. Even then it requires a huge amount of energy to keep them going and remain relevant. You’re competing with things like FB and a neich free forum just isn’t going to compete just look at this forum, it’s practically a ghost town and the LCUSA has had a forum for over 15 years. I’d try posting the info you want to see here and then once that’s established start to spin it off.
  8. I guess I read people wrong. No one is joining.
  9. I expect to meet up with some Lambretta Club Philippines members when I'm there in January. If it can wait 'till Feb and if there's interest I'd be happy to write something up about the Manila scene.
  10. What about doing a similar write up (from Scootering) about Mike amd Todd’s experience at the salt flats?
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  12. 2Tony

    Pasco owners

    hey, I'm thinking about starting a Pasco registry, or loose club of Pasco owners, or something along those lines. We can share pics, info, resources, parts, etc. I'm guessing that there are about a dozen in the US - But would love to discover what that number really is. If you got one, or know somebody who does (that might not see this), pease message me, and I'll send FB invites out. Thanks! Tony
  13. Lets shoot for DEC 1st
  14. when is the deadline?
  15. Anyone have any stories, rally reviews, or content to submit for the upcoming magazine?
  16. Set the points gap correctly, and turn the stator all the way clockwise. That should get you a lot closer to 19 BTDC You can get this 6v DC Motoplat system to run as 12v AC very easily too. Message privately and I can explain
  17. need your help, I have a LI150 Serveta that I'm restoring and ran into a snuff. Located TDC, marked 19degrees retarded on flywheel, it has Ducati 6 pole stator with points, when I try to set firing point on 19, I can only get as close as 23 before I run out of play on stator. Also I noticed that there where some marks on flywheel before but they do not correspond with TDC or 19 degrees they are both about 10 degrees retarded from my marks which puts the stated 19degrees in the window of the stator. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  18. Next year we’ll have a better setup so we can all run back to back. Your bike sounded great. thanks for setting this thing in motion.
  19. Here are a couple of my run. It was a great time! Great Experience!
  20. I heard LCUSA got some publicity (a couple of legshield banners in pics) in the Mile High Mayhem article. I’m not a subscriber, only heard it through Denver James’ post on Facebook.
  21. I moved the rally section up. If nothing else a central place for rally information is desperately needed across the community.
  22. https://www.scootering.com/ congrats to Todd on making it on the cover of November Scootering! And Josh for the heads up, I have to buy a copy now.
  23. Hey all, Not to take away from this forum, but this is specific to club members. With the death of the BBS and then ScootRally, and a few years have passed, I thought I noticed a gap: Lots of people aren't on Facebook (or were, and quit) and many aren't members of LCUSA and of course there is Modern V3$p@. At any rate, probably for selfish reasons since I, too, ditched Facecrap and don't have other social media, I created a new forum: Skirtbikes. Having to join 20 different for sale areas on Facebook or having to join up to every single rally page, rather than have them all consolidated in one spot was always a pain in the ass, at least to me. Stefan is going to eventually point any old Scootrally stuff to Skirtbikes. I don't know, maybe it will fail. At any rate if you don't have Facebook maybe you'll find some usage in it. There won't be any ads, and no one will track you. There is specifically no political forum on there. It is not a place for back and forth R vs Dem vs Pelosi Vs Trump vs Howard Taft discussions. It's meant to be a respite from there and a place to unite over our love of Italian Ladies' Shopping Carts and a few other hobbies. Hope to see many of you (again) in St. Augustine. Mike
  24. Just a quick ‘shout out’ hoping all of our California members are doing okay during this exceptional fire season for them. I vividly remember driving from Colorado Springs to Denver during the year of the cancelled Jammy and using my wipers to clear the ash from the windshield on my Ranger. I can’t imagine what you folks are going through - take care out there.
  25. I got a set of badges from Jet200 last year and more recently from Scooter Speed... both were excellent quality and the pins fit perfect. .
  26. I stand corrected on that. Speaking with a 2nd ave scooters, Eric told me about an excellent badge tape that he uses on builds that don't have badges with pins built in. https://www.amazon.com/3M-08069-Press-Place-Adhesive/dp/B000PEWDJW I think this is what he was talking about.
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